West Mongolia

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Attractions and activities

  • Experience a variety of beautiful scenic landscapes that lie between Ulanbator and the far western province of Bayan Ulgii, including half a dozen salt and freshwater lake ecosystems, natural hot springs, extinct volcanoes, sand dunes, steep gorges and the dramatic Altai mountain range including the country’s five highest peaks and glaciers
  • Annual spectacular ‘Eagle Festival’ event held in September/October
  • Hiking, climbing, fishing, horse riding and camel riding
  • Home stays with Mongol nomads and Kazakh eagle hunters to experience their unique life styles
  • Fantastic photo opportunities
  • 7 to 14 day trip in total

Journey to the home of the Kazakh eagle hunters in far west Mongolia to witness impressive eagle and horse skills at the Golden Eagle Festival. Experience the dramatic scenery of the glacier at the foot of Mongolia’s five highest mountain peaks.

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